Zappo 60 pack Tutti Fruity

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If you really like to sink your teeth into your candy, you've might have heard of Zappo. Crown Zappo, one of our zaniest Korean brands of confectionery, is responsible for keeping us entertained with fun and delicious things you can shove in your mouth. The general rule is, if it's bright, tasty and chewy, it probably belongs to the group of Zappo lollies. And while we're talking about rules, let's set a couple of standards for chewy lollies. 1. Expert Crown Zappo lolly lovers use different colour and flavour combinations to create interesting colour shades on their tongue. Just think, combining Zappo Raspberry Chews with blue Bubble Gum chews makes a really lairy shade of violet. 2. The more you can get in there, the better. This is a given when it comes to chewy lollies: the victor is he or she who can barely move their jaw at all.

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