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Looking for a preschool or kindergarten graduation gift, or first day of school gift for your little one? This Grow With Me Hand Print Tee is the perfect way to see your child grow right in front of your eyes on the first day of school every year! Capture your child's growth every year by placing their hand print in fabric paint, or acrylic paint every year till they graduate. This white t-shirt has a space for each years hand print from the time they start preschool or kindergarten, till 12th grade. The Hand Print Tee is a Large Unisex t-shirt that will grow with your little one each year they put it on. By the time they reach senior year this t-shirt should fit them just right.

Please note: We cannot predict how big your child's hand will grow and cannot be 100% certain all hand prints will fit under each grade. Some hand prints may go into the lettering or around it in future years. Because of this we leave enough room for the fingers to be spread out to go around the lettering for each grade


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