Anne Stokes - Pure Magic Candle

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Inside this tin is a candle which will fill the air with the scent of Lavender.  The tin has been decorated with Anne Stokes picture of Pure Magic.

Magic is happening in this snowy, enchanted forest.  The picture shows the meeting between a young woman and a unicorn.  There is total trust between the two of them.  The unicorn’s horn is glowing, like a magical wand, to symbolise it’s powers.

On the top of the candle tin is an image of two unicorns set within a heart.  On the band around the tin is the unicorn picture, on a background colour of lilac.  Cautions on using candles are printed on the side and also the base.

The tin measures 7.8cm across and is 5.2cm deep.  When the candle has burnt down, you will still have a beautiful tin to keep

scent - Lavender 

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